About Us

ElSewedy Industries Group, stands as one of the most Diversified and Leading Industrial Group in Egypt and throughout
the Middle East since 1938.
ASF is a steel fabrication company , joined the steel market in July 1997 as another successful venture within elsewedy
industries group.
ASF stands as one of the best choices in the steel market , offering many kinds of steel products in MENA region and
Africa in addition to being the first brand in the Egyptian steel market .
ASF manufactures Poles , High Masts , Monopoles, Telecommunication Towers , OHTT , Steel Structure , Grating ,
slitting and galvanization.

ASF carries out the principles of continuous improvement of quality control, where it has been improved product
tracing from the start of production to delivery time.
ASF is committed to service after sale excellence by supports installation and maintenance , in addition to the training
of external maintenance teams.
ASF applied latching systems for high masts specifically in year of 1999 to become one of the first companies which
have implemented this system with outstanding performance .
ASF has one of the biggest Hot dip galvanizing unit around the world with length 16M , width 1.90M , depth 2.75 and
used zinc with high purity 99.99% in the galvanization process.